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Speechland Pro is the fastest growing area of the site containing a whole range of premium resources such as snakes and ladders games, dominoes, homework books, motivation charts as well as some informal assessment sheets. You can access all these resources for just a small subscription fee.

All these resources are yours to download for just £9.99 for a whole year’s subscription – that’s less than 20p a resource!

To see what's available to you as a subscriber to Speechland Pro, take a look at our resource catalogue. Click here...

If you're not convinced that's value for money, think of how many resource packs sit on your shelf and are barely used. With Speechland Pro, not only are the resources there and printable at the click of a button (no more running to the photocopier mid-session) but this is a resource pack that will grow and grow over the course of the year. With new resources being regularly added, you can be sure that your money will go further and further - this is definitely an investment worth making for your clinic.

Or – if you're still not sure that your budget will run to it, why not join for free and help the resource bank grow. To make it really worth your while, you can submit 5 quality resources for publication in Speechland Pro and we'll upgrade your account with an honorary membership. What could be simpler?

 If your resources are paper rather than computer-based there’s no need to worry. Send in your paper resources and we can scan or type them so they can go on the site, too, so there’s no need to miss out on the great value that Speechland Pro membership represents.

To join Speechland Pro, click here.

To find out more about how to submit your own resources, click here.


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