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Speechland Pro: Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of resources can I create?
Basically – anything! We only ask that the resources will be helpful to Speech and Language Therapists!

How should I submit my resources?
Please send them in any Windows PC format (e.g. Word Document, Publisher, Powerpoint etc) to the email address given on the "join for free" page. You may “zip” them up if you wish. Please note that at the present time, we are unable to accept resources in Boardmaker, Writing with Symbols or Widgit.

What if I haven't got IPA fonts on my computer?
IPA fonts are freely downloadable from http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/home/wells/fonts.htm, and we would ask that all IPA fonts submitted are from this source. However, if you cannot run these fonts on your computer, we will be happy to insert the correct symbols for you as long as it is clear which symbol you intended to use. Please let us know that you would like us to do this when you submit your resource.

Should I convert them to PDF format?
We are happy to do this for you, but are equally pleased if you save us the time! PDF documents (Portable Document Format) can be opened across a wider range of platforms and are not dependent upon the user having MS Word installed for instance. You might be interested to know that you can convert documents to PDF format for free by downloading the free PDF writer software at www.cutepdf.com. It basically installs as a printer driver on your computer, so instead of printing to you normal printer, you select “cute PDF”, ‘print’ the document and a pdf file is produced!

Should I add an explanation to my resources?
Yes please. In order that we categorise your resources correctly we would ask that you include a brief sentence (bullet point) about each one. This should make it clear for which area of difficulty/ client group it has been created and any additional information to therapists about how best to use the resource. Other therapists really appreciate this information and it makes your contribution much more user-friendly.

What kind of resources will not be accepted?
We ask that resource submissions for Speechland Pro are of a good quality. We have to reserve the right to pass judgement about what constitutes ‘good quality’. In general the following will not be accepted:

  • poorly laid out worksheets with errors in spelling/grammar

  • resources which refer to a particular clinic/ name a particular teacher

  • resources which are clearly derivative of other published material or infringe copyright regulations

What if my resource(s) are rejected?
We will reply as soon as possible to let you know whether your resources have been verified. If we have to reject a resource, we will explain why and you will of course have the chance to submit alternatives. If you wish to cancel your membership application at this point, please let us know and none of your material will be published. Once all your resources have been verified, we will upgrade your username, normally within one working day.

Will I own the copyright on my resources?
The copyright on the resources will be transferred to us and it therefore follows that you must own the copyright in the first place (i.e. it must be an original resource created by yourself). By submitting the resources to us, you are agreeing that copyright is transferred to Speechland, and that you will not submit the resources to other websites without our express permission. You are of course free to continue using the resources for personal or educational purpose.

How do I avoid infringing copyright?
This can be a difficult and complex question. If you are creating a completely original piece of writing (e.g. worksheet) there should be no problem. Inevitably though we receive a number of submissions where therapists (for well-intentioned reasons) have made use of copyright material in their work. The following does not constitute any sort of legal advice, and is merely intended as guidance on the kind of things to avoid:

  • pictures taken off other websites, commercial logos, images from films etc

  • scans of already published material

Can I use clip-art?
Clip-art that is obtained via Microsoft software or through their website is licensed for use in a context such as resource-creation where the image is not central to the product. It is obviously not permissible to resell the clipart or use it in a product where the clipart forms the “primary value” of the product. It is acceptable, however, to use clipart in a supporting or ‘decorating’ role.

Clipart obtained from other websites/software may be covered by other license agreements and you should familiarise yourself with these.

What if my question is not covered here?
Please contact us and we’ll be delighted to assist you.


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