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If you don't want to pay the membership fee, you can join Speechland Pro by submitting FIVE resources relevant to Speech and Language Therapy. These could be suitable for use with either children or adults.  Ideas could include games, worksheets or activity sheets. Send your resources to resources @ speechland.co.uk [please remove the spaces from the email address which are included to avoid spam robots] and (subject to their approval), we will create you an "honorary" annual membership. Please see the full terms and conditions for more information. Resources may be submitted in any standard Windows format, most are usually MS Word or Photodraw; we will generally convert them to Acrobat .pdf format in order that they can reach a wider audience. Please note that at present we are unable to accept submissions in Boardmaker, Working with Symbols or Widgit formats. Please read our FAQs section for further information about submitting resources.


If all this is not enough, then we would also be interested to hear from therapists who would like to author resources and earn money from them. If you are interested in developing particular resource areas, please contact us with your details/ideas and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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