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Speechland Pro: Terms and Conditions

"us"/"we" = Speechland; "you" = the customer


  • To join Speechland Pro, you will first need to have a free regular account to access the resources/forums. You can then upgrade through this to become a "pro" member.

  • You may pay for your membership through the PayPal Secure payment system using a credit/debit/switch card. Payments are handled by PayPal for Speechland via our sister company "Speechland" and we do not have access to your credit card number. If this payment method causes difficulty, please contact us and we will arrange for cheque payment.

  • The current membership rates are subject to change at any time. However, once you have joined there will be no further fees to pay for the duration of your subscription.

  • Once you have joined Speechland Pro, the additional resources will be available to download when you login to the site at www.speechland.co.uk/resources

  • You may not share your account with anyone and the membership is not transferable. You are responsible for keeping your password secure and for the proper use of your account. If your account is misused or we have good reason to believe that you have shared your membership with other people, your account may be terminated without refund.

  • If you lose your password, there is a mechanism on the site for having it reset/e-mailed to you. However, you are responsible for keeping track of your username/password in order for your membership to be maintained.

  • In the unlikely event of Speechland ceasing to continue operating for any reason beyond our control, customers who have subscribed to annual membership within the last three months will receive a refund on their subscription.

Use of Resources

  • Membership of Speechland Pro allows for use of the resources within the purchaser's own clinic. Therapists may therefore freely distribute them to clients within their clinic, school, hospital or other institution. However, when distributing resources in this way, they must NOT be changed in any way, and any credits to us/the author must be left intact.

  • Speechland Pro resources should under no circumstances be re-distributed or re-published in any other way; if in doubt about any intended use of the resources, please contact us for advice.

Free Membership in exchange for submitting resources

  • Therapists who wish to join Speechland Pro may do so for free by submitting FIVE resources, according to the guidelines given. Resources should be sent to the address given on the "join for free" page.

  • Once the resources have been received, they will be checked for suitability/quality as soon as possible and your annual membership created accordingly.

  • Free membership in exchange for these resources is entirely at the discretion of Speechland. If we decide that your submitted resources are not of sufficient quality to justify the membership, we will notify you as soon as possible with an explanation, and give you opportunity to submit additional or amended resources.

  • By submitting resources you agree that you (a) own the intellectual rights to them (b) are happy for copyright to be transferred to Speechland (provided that they are of sufficient quality to be published, as above).

  • At the end of your annual membership, you have the opportunity to renew your membership by payment of the subscription in force at that point, or by submitting the requisite number of resources.

  • Please read our FAQs section for further information about submitting resources.

Earning Money from Resources

  • There may be scope for members of Speechland Pro to earn money from writing resources in the future.

  • If you have ideas/skills in particular areas please contact us outlining your experience and writing ideas.

  • If payment is agreed for a particular writing assignment, it will be paid subject to the satisfactory completion of the work


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